A clever project in many aspects, the development of the Cosgrove Solar Farm is a nod to renewable, clean and sustainable energy; in turn, aiming to significantly reduce the regions reliance on traditional fossil fuels and carbon emissions, whilst creating employment opportunities, locally.

Habitat was engaged by Bison Energy for town planning and advisory services in seeking a planning permit to develop land for a small scale renewable energy facility and associated building works.

Specifically, this comprised a 5 megawatt (MW) solar energy facility, associated infrastructure and utility installations, including new all-weather access tracks which provide movement area between the site access and the panel arrays and substation, a dedicated parking area, construction lay-down, and waste-storage area.

In effective planning, the solar farm is located adjacent to a 22kV transmission line, with good capacity for efficient connection to the on-site substation therefore without requirement for any reconfiguration of the power supply network across adjoining properties. It’s ‘micro size’ (occupying approximately 15.8 hectares – 46% of the land capacity) and excellent solar exposure utilising cutting-edge PV panel technology also enables for a more compact land development, therefore resulting is minimal disruption and loss of productive agricultural land.

Bison Energy
Collaborators: Yonder Landscape Architecture, Trafficworks, GHD, Nature Advisory
Disciplines: Town Planning
Location: Cosgrove, Victoria
Date: 2020
Imagery: Bison Energy

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